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CentOS 5, 6 & 7

Use the following commands to add our CentOS repositories:

CentOS 5: rpm -ivh

CentOS 6: rpm -ivh

CentOS 7: rpm -ivh

Once these repositories have been installed, you can use yum to install, update, or uninstall OpenLiteSpeed. yum install openlitespeed will install the latest version of OpenLiteSpeed. Using version numbers, for example yum install openlitespeed-1.2.1, will install older versions. 1.2.1 is the oldest version in the repository.

Note: The OpenLiteSpeed packages in our repositories have SPDY enabled. The binary also includes the OpenSSL library needed to run SPDY. This means that you don't have to install OpenSSL 1.0.1 to use SPDY if you download the package from the repositories, making the repositories the way to go if you're using CentOS and want SPDY.

Note: To prevent users from mistakenly upgrading to a beta version, OpenLiteSpeed 1.4 is not yet in our repository. It will be added when it is no longer beta.

Debian Wheezy

Stefano Balocco has created a Debian Wheezy package of OpenLiteSpeed in his repository. You are welcome to try it out. We make no guarantees about its efficacy or safety, but thanks, Stefano!