OpenLiteSpeed and

Using OpenLiteSpeed to power a WordPress site? Add total optimization with! is the first and only complete WordPress optimization solution, featuring a global Content Delivery Network, Image and Page Optimization services, and more.

Plus, OpenLiteSpeed users get these perks!

More Free Bandwidth

Everyone gets free CDN bandwidth and free Online Services credits, but OpenLiteSpeed users get 5X more than non-LiteSpeed users!

ESI Support

OpenLiteSpeed does not have built-in support for ESI, but does. Add to your WordPress hosting stack, and take advantage of the ESI settings in the LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress plugin.

More Reasons to Try

  • Online Services optimize your WordPress site’s contents
  • The CDN delivers content faster around the globe


Together these services lead to improved user experience, higher page speed score, better core web vitals, and superior search engine ranking.