Why Use OpenLiteSpeed?

OpenLiteSpeed combines speed, security, scalability, optimization and simplicity in one friendly open-source package.

Download OpenLiteSpeed today, and see what it can do for your sites!

Event-Driven Architecture

Event driven processes, less overhead, and enormous scalability. Keep your existing hardware.

Understands Apache Rewrite Rules

OpenLiteSpeed is mod_rewrite compatible, with no new syntax to learn. Continue to use your existing rewrite rules.

Friendly Admin Interfaces

OLS comes with a built-in WebAdmin GUI. Control panel support is available with CyberPanel.

Built for Speed and Security

Features Anti-DDoS connection and bandwidth throttling, ModSecurity v3 integration, and more.

Intelligent Cache Acceleration

Built-in full-page cache module is highly-customizable and efficient for an exceptional user experience.

PageSpeed Optimization

Automatically implement Google’s PageSpeed optimization system with the mod_pagespeed module.

PHP LiteSpeed SAPI

Native SAPI for PHP allows external applications written in PHP to run up to 50% faster.

One-Click Installation

Install OpenLiteSpeed, MariaDB and WordPress on various operating systems with just one click.

WordPress Acceleration

Experience a measurable performance boost with OpenLiteSpeed and LSCache for WordPress.

WordPress Acceleration

See the maximized WordPress performance you can get from your current hardware, just by switching to OpenLiteSpeed!

We compare OpenLiteSpeed against other web servers in a series of benchmarks designed to measure server response time, communication time with PHP, WordPress acceleration, and more.

Open Source

OpenLiteSpeed, the Open Source edition of LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise, is free to download, use, distribute, and modify under GPLv3. (To use OpenLiteSpeed in a proprietary product, contact us about obtaining an OEM license.

OpenLiteSpeed represents our commitment to support the Open Source community. The same team responsible for LiteSpeed Enterprise maintains and develops OpenLiteSpeed, and both servers are held to the same high-quality coding standard.

Install OpenLiteSpeed

Whether you use our one-click options, or take advantage of CyberPanel support, installation of OpenLiteSpeed is easy.

 Your Video Guide to OpenLiteSpeed Installation and Configuration

Launch an Existing Cloud Image

We’ve prebuilt a collection of images for popular cloud platforms, allowing you to easily launch an instance in three minutes or less!

Compatible Control Panels

OpenLiteSpeed is compatible with some of the most popular control panels, check it out!

Knowledge Base

Tips and Tutorials for Using OpenLiteSpeed

CyberPanel Supported

A Complete Sysadmin Package for OpenLiteSpeed

Trustpilot Testimonials

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Great Tech Support


I use litespeed cache free version on my site… with real good speed enhancements
I had a technical issue causing text sixes on mobile and tablet views to vary.
I reached out to them and within the hour they solved it.
Pretty impressive…. Was expecting days

Andrew Weiler, AU

Best Software… Best Support !!!


This company with its software is the best i ever used! The support is awesomeeeeee and available in seconds. The support guys will try to solve your issue until it’s solved even if the issue is not directly related to the litespeed. I find it world class!
The software and the technology is also easier to use and has the best performance and provide the best results for your web infrastructure!!

I am really happy to use Litespeed and i will definetely recommend to everyone around me and use it to any of my current project and future project !
Thank you Litespeed !

Claude Junang, DE

Downtime? I don’t even know whats that. 😉


When you think of reliable servers, fast like no other and without security problems, you think of LiteSpeed. We have spent years of a combination between Cyberpanel + LiteSpeed Enterprise that has only brought us the best of experiences: practically not intervening in the servers other than to update. Downtime? I don’t even know whats that. 😉

Franco Bianco, AR

I reached out to support and had help!


I reached out to support, and within hours, I was asked to help troubleshoot the issue I had. With the help of their support, I could fix the problem, which was a straightforward fix. The actual product brings so much value to my WordPress site and is effortless to use. Highly Recommend!

Erica Collins, US

The product is fantastic and great support


The product is fantastic, the speed gain is impressive, significantly better than other cache management plugins. A lot of customization possibilities while maintaining a very easy use.
Technical support react extremely fast and always provides a solution.
Special mention for Ruikai for his great professionalism.

Kevin Rossier, CH

Found & corrected my typo


I was adding ModSecurity while configuring a new OpenLiteSpeed server, but the server stopped working. I troubleshot until I ran out of ideas. I opened a ticket and within 12 hours got a reply saying they found a typo that was messing up a config file. The tech corrected my typo so the server was back online before I opened the email to learn what was wrong. Thank you OLS for the fast and accurate diagnosis – and fixing my problem!

Dave Alden, US

Very Helpful! 5*


First of all, I want to thank Wade Teng for the high-skilled help he gave to me. I was looking to setup the CDN for one of my sites, and I got stucked into a think. After I asked for help on a known communication platform, he offered his help, and in a few minutes I got rid of that annoying issue.

Second, but not least, I want to thank LiteSpeed Technology, for the amazing job they do with their service.

Guys, you help a lot of people! Kudos!

Andrei WebsitesSeller.com, RO

Best plugin for speed.


Litespeed has been the best plugin I have used for website speed optimization. It was the only plugin which really made an impact on my site speed.
I want to take extra time to thank Wade Teng who went above and beyond to help me with my site optimization issue. He looked at my site and checked all of the settings to find an issue I was not able to resolve on my own. I am really grateful for his help and his time and his effort to make sure that my site issue is resolved and my site interface looks like it should do. It only makes me want to use the plugin more

Saule Aleksandraviciute, LT

Litespeed is simply way to go!


I have been now a year with litespeed and its been a learning curve. Running Enterprise and Openlitespeed on different servers. I gotta say, the support is outstanding. They helped me with my server config. even though this was on the open litespeed license, where they actually don’t have to help at all. Also the slack channel and community are really, really supportive! The technology is amazing and thats also due to the amazing team behind litespeed! I really can recommend this!

Lars Zimmermann, DE



Very good, very patient to explain any questions, let me feel very relieved as a complete layman. Security is also very guaranteed, so you don’t have to worry about account security. The time to solve the problem is also very fast, highly recommended!

HaoMing Yang 楊皓閔, TW

Wouldn’t Run a Server Without It


We own multiple Litespeed Licenses and would never think of running a server without. The updates, support, software, and features are second to none. It’s amazing how much Litespeed can be tweaked to suit any specific need. We 110% recommend Litespeed web server for any and all internet hosting needs.

NameVP, US

LiteSpeed support fully stands behind their product


LiteSpeed as a web hosting platform is spectacular given its performance, tight integration with cPanel/WHM and drop-in replacement for mod_rewrite without changing code.

But some great products we use, don’t offer great support. I am pleased to say LiteSpeed support is phenomenal, they ensure they get to the bottom of any issues reported and go the extra mile to ensure those issues are fixed in a timely manner, even if it requires them looking at third-party code. I am a very pleased customer and will continue renewing my license as a result. A+++

ctech, CA