Install OpenLiteSpeed with DirectAdmin

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Install OpenLiteSpeed on DirectAdmin

1) DA 1.57 or higher is required. (It will run fine with pre-release binaries, too)

2) CustomBuild 2.0. is required. If unsure of which version of CustomBuild you’re using, see this guide and upgrade if necessary.

3) Run the following to set up options.conf to use OpenLiteSpeed and lsphp (You can either run this in step 2 of the CB2 installation guide, or do it later.): Please also check this guide from DA.


/build set webserver openlitespeed
./build set php1_mode lsphp
./build set php1_release 7.2
./build openlitespeed
./build php n
./build rewrite_confs


If you want more than one php version, use the command “./build set php2_mode lsphp” to enable 2nd php version and then run “./build set php2_release 7.1”  and soon for all other php versions before running “./build openlitespeed”.

Directadmin also supports automatic .htaccess reload with openlitespeed, which you can do using this method.

OpenLiteSpeed Configurations  are placed in /usr/local/lsws/conf, if anything gets customized, it should be copied to /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/custom/openlitespeed/conf.