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This guide will explain how to get up and running with phpMyAdmin on OpenLiteSpeed Web Server.

Install PHP Modules

The easiest way to install PHP for OpenLiteSpeed is through our CentOS repository.

Install PHP

Step 1. Install PHP and OLS

You can install some of the most commonly-used PHP 7.1 packages and modules for OpenLiteSpeed. Use the following command:

sudo yum install lsphp71 lsphp71-mysqlnd lsphp71-common lsphp71-gd lsphp71-pdo lsphp71-process lsphp71-mbstring lsphp71-mcrypt lsphp71-opcache lsphp71-bcmath lsphp71-xml lsphp71-soap lsphp71-json -y

Step 2. Setup PHP

Visit http://your_server_IP:7080. Navigate to Server Configuration > External app, then click the second icon Edit on the right hand side in order to edit this application.

Modify Settings

  • Name: lsphp should be lsphp71
  • Command: $SERVER_ROOT/fcgi-bin/lsphp5 should be $SERVER_ROOT/lsphp71/bin/lsphp

Download and Extract phpMyAdmin

To illustrate setting up phpMyAdmin on a vhost we’ll use the default virtual host, “Example”.

cd /usr/local/lsws/Example/html
wget https://files.phpmyadmin.net/phpMyAdmin/4.7.4/phpMyAdmin-4.7.4-all-languages.zip

unzip phpMyAdmin-4.7.4-all-languages.zip
mv phpMyAdmin-4.7.4-all-languages phpmyadmin

This installs phpMyAdmin on OpenLiteSpeed. You can visit phpMyAdmin at : http://server_IP:8088/phpmyadmin/index.php