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Pre-Installation Requirements

  • OpenLiteSpeed Web Server 1.4.19+ installed
  • Joomla installed
  • Virtual Host set up
  • Listener set up
  • Cache set up

Install LiteSpeed Cache for Joomla on OpenLiteSpeed

Access the Joomla administration panel and login with your username and password.

Download com_lscache and lscache_plugin. These are the cache plugin files for Joomla.

After downloading the plugin files, go to Extensions -> Install Extensions on the left sidebar of your administration panel. Upload the files that you just downloaded one by one, and Joomla! will automatically install them.

Next, go to Extensions -> Manage -> Manage, search for “litespeed” and there will appear LiteSpeed Cache Plugin. Enable that plugin by hitting the Enable icon.

Change Rewrite Rules

After enabling the LiteSpeed Cache plugin, we need to add some rewrite rules so it will work. To change rewrite rules, go to OpenLiteSpeed Webadmin -> Virtual hosts, click on the name of your Virtual Host, go to the Rewrite tab and modify the following settings:

Enable Rewrite: Yes
Rewrite Rules: rewriteFile /path/to/joomla/.htaccess
In the .htaccess file put:

<IfModule LiteSpeed>
CacheLookup on

OpenLiteSpeed does not currently support ESI. As a result, LSCJoomla’s ESI features do not work with OpenLiteSpeed.

Configure the LSCache Plugin

If you need to Purge cache in the future or fiddle with the Caching options, you can do it via the Joomla! panel itself. To do that, go to Joomla!’s admin panel, go to Components -> LiteSpeed Cache. From there you will be able to Purge ALL LiteSpeed Cache or make some other configuration changes according to your needs.

Verify That The Cache Setup Is Correct

To verify caching, open your website in an Incognito Window and go to Inspect Element -> Network Option and reload the page (F5).

Now, in your website’s headers, you will see:

x-litespeed-cache: hit

which will confirm that the LiteSpeed Cache plugin is working for your site’s viewers!