Troubleshooting PHP 503 Errors

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Troubleshooting 503 Errors

503 errors are often caused by a malfunction in PHP, and are not related to Apache or LiteSpeed Web Server. One of the common reasons for a 503 error is a PHP crash. Generally, troubleshooting 503 errors is out of our support scope. Just the same, this wiki will go over basic steps to troubleshoot 503 errors, some common causes of 503 errors, and some examples that show the steps in practice. Please run through the steps outlined below until you find the issue.

If these troubleshooting steps sound too overwhelming to you, you can engage us through premium hourly support. We will troubleshoot and try our best to fix the issue for you.

Quick Troubleshooting Guide

Before engaging us for premium support service, you may like to try a few of these simple steps to see if you can fix the error yourself.

* Check the phpinfo page of the problematic user account. ([[litespeed_wiki:php:php_info|Create a phpinfo.php file]] if no phpinfo page exists.)
* Generally, server ”error_log/stderr.log” should provide some hints as to the problem. For example, it may be a memory issue.
* Disable opcode cache for that PHP version and verify from the phpinfo page.
* Disable unsafe PHP extensions such as ZendGuardLoader, Suhosin, ionCube, etc.
* Check disk space.
* If CloudLinux is used, check the LVE memory limit to see if it needs to be increased.
* If CloudLinux is used, check the LVE process limit to see if it needs to be increased.
* Try increasing the PHP memory limit.

These are just a few simple quick fixes for you to try first. If they don’t help, you can refer to this wiki for detailed steps/reasons, or engage our support as mentioned earlier.