Switching Between OLS and LSWS on DirectAdmin

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On DirectAdmin, you can either run LiteSpeed Enterprise, or OpenLiteSpeed, but you cannot run both at the same time.

You can refer to this knowledgebase article to determine whether OLS or LSWS is the best fit for your needs. Either way, if you installed the incorrect server before checking the guide, and you want to switch over, it is do-able with Custom Build 2.

At the time of this writing, Custom Build is set to install both OLS and LSWS to the /usr/local/lsws directory. This introduces the possibility of configuration conflicts when switching from one to the other. Until DirectAdmin fixes this bug, your first step in switching between OLS and LSWS should always be to remove the /usr/local/lsws/ folder completely. This will avoid potential conflicts.

For example, if you installed OLS for testing, but you realized you will need LSWS for .htaccess Apache directive support, you should run the following to remove or back up /usr/local/lsws before installing LSWS:

rm -rf /usr/local/lsws/


mv /usr/local/lsws /usr/local/lsws_old

then you can run the webserver installation, like so:

cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/
./build set webserver litespeed
./build litespeed