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This articles reviews some common errors during installation and their solutions.

Cannot find dependency

Error: configure: error: Can not find pcre. You must install it before continuing.

If you are seeing an error like this, it is possible that you do not have the required dependencies installed. Please follow the steps in our dependencies article.

Another possible cause is that your compiler is not looking for the package in the right place. You may need to add a parameter telling the command where to look for the package. For example:

./configure --with-pcre=/usr/local --with-libdir=lib

Note: Mac OSX installations often require ./configure --with-pcre=/opt/local. We have found a number of errors occurring when the pcre location is not stipulated in Mac OSX.

Cannot access the WebAdmin console

Error: Going to https://localhost:7080 does not bring up the WebAdmin console.

Take a look at the error log /usr/local/lsws/logs/error.log to see what might be going wrong.

If there is a TCP port conflict with other server applications, you will need to stop the application currently running on port 7080. The following command can be used to check port 7080:

netstat -an | grep 7080

If the port is available, the command will produce no output.

If the swapping directory is not writable, you can either grant writing permission for the swapping directory to the user whom the web server is running as, or change the swapping directory's configurations manually. The swapping directory is configured in the server's XML configuration file: /usr/local/lsws/conf/httpd_config.xml. Search the XML file for "swappingDir". The default location for the swapping directory is /tmp/lshttpd/swap.

PHP not working

Error: The PHP test page does not load.

On FreeBSD, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, and Debian, the shipped PHP (for CentOS) will not run. You will need to build a new PHP for OpenLiteSpeed in order to run PHP applications with OpenLiteSpeed. PHP can be built in the WebAdmin console > Actions > Compile PHP.

Getting Help

If you have further problems with installation, please check the OpenLiteSpeed Development Group.