Version 1.8.x



Server Core

  • [Security] Fix chunked encoding + proxy related issues.
  • [New Feature] Add request body chunked encoding support for proxy backends.
  • [Bug Fix] Fix excessive cache misses caused by cookie vary.
  • [Bug Fix] Make nodejs helper script compatible with older nodejs versions.
  • [Bug Fix] Minor fixes to namespace and cgroup support.
  • [Bug Fix] Update lsquic to v4.0.8
  • [Bug Fix] Fix an AIO code crash.



Server Core

  • [New Feature] Linux Namespace container for resource isolation.
  • [New Feature] Asynchronous I/O via iouring, linux AIO and posix AIO.
  • [New Feature] Update HTTP3 with the latest QUICv2 support.
  • [New Feature] hCaptcha support for reCAPTCHA validation.
  • [New Feature] JSON real-time and status report.
  • [New Feature] Static link luajit 2.1 for mod_lua.
  • [Improve] Improved compatibility with MacOSX, FreeBSD.
  • [Improve] Improved with optional module compilation.