OpenLiteSpeed as Reverse Proxy for Rocket.Chat

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This guide will show you how to set up OpenLiteSpeed as reverse proxy (with or without HTTPS) for Rocket.Chat

1. Please make sure the Rocket.Chat backend is working by accessing http://your-server-ip:3000/

Be aware, according to Rocket.Chat documents, if you wish to use a reverse proxy, the URL must be pointed to the front end.


2. Access OpenLiteSpeed Web Admin console https://your-server-ip:7080/

3. Navigate to Virtual Hosts, select the domain you wish to use as the front end, go to the External App tab, and create a new external app with type Web Sever. Rocketchat2.png

4. Set Address to if it's on the same server. If it's on a different server, you can set an external IP, just please make sure the firewall is properly configured between the front-end and the back-end.


5. Navigate to the Context tab, add a New Context, choose type Proxy, and set URI to /



6. Navigate to Web Socket Proxy, and add a new one with following settings:

URI:/ Address:


7. Graceful Restart OLS, and access your front-end domain to verify that everything works as expected.