How To Set Up XenForo

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After you install OpenLiteSpeed, follow the instructions below to get your XenForo site working.

Install PHP modules

The easiest way to install PHP for OpenLiteSpeed is through our CentOS repository. If the LiteSpeed Repository was not installed and enabled during the web server installation, follow this guide to install and enable the LiteSpeed Repository.

You can install some of the most commonly-used PHP 7.1 packages and modules for OpenLiteSpeed. Use the following command:

sudo yum install lsphp71 lsphp71-mysqlnd lsphp71-common lsphp71-gd lsphp71-pdo lsphp71-process lsphp71-mbstring lsphp71-mcrypt lsphp71-opcache lsphp71-bcmath lsphp71-xml lsphp71-soap lsphp71-json -y

Visit http://your_server_IP:7080. Navigate to Server Configuration > External app, then click the second icon Edit on the right hand side in order to edit this application.

  • Name: lsphp should be lsphp71
  • Command: $SERVER_ROOT/fcgi-bin/lsphp5 should be $SERVER_ROOT/lsphp71/bin/lsphp

When you are finished, click the Save icon to save your changes, then click the Graceful Restart button.

PHP Verification:

Visit http://your_server_IP/phpinfo.php and make sure the PHP Version shows 7.1.x.

Mariadb Installation:

Install MariaDB:

sudo yum install mariadb-server
sudo systemctl start mariadb

Set new password:

Create XenForo DB Account

Create the XenForo database and your XenForo user/password:

mysql -u root -p$yourmysqlpassword
create database xenforo; grant all privileges on xenforo.* to xenforo@localhost identified by 'xenforo'; exit;

Note: For security purposes, you should use a xenforo username and password that are different than our example.

XenForo Download:

To illustrate setting up XenForo on a vhost we'll use the default virtual host, "Example".
Download from the XenForo Customer Area to your server in usr/local/lsws/Example/http/.
You will see an upload file

sudo mv upload xenforo
sudo chmod 777 -R xenforo

XenForo Installation:

Setup index.php:
Go to the WebAdmin Console > Virtual Hosts > Example > General tab. Click the edit button on the Index Files section and add the following:

Open browser with URL server_IP:8088/xenforo/

  • Click Begin Installation button
    • MySQL User Name: xenforo
    • MySQL Password: xenforo
    • MySQL Database Name: xenforo
  • Click Test & Generate Configuration button
  • Click Continue with Installation button
  • Click Begin Installation button
  • Setup Administrator
    • Name: XXX
    • Password: XXX
    • Email: XXX@XXX
  • Click Create Administrator button
  • Click Setup Options button
  • Click Enter your control panel button
  • Login with your Name/Password
XenForo Verification: