Configuration:Revert to XML

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This wiki outlines the process for users want to recover their XML configurations after downgrading from OpenLiteSpeed 1.4 to a lower version. (OpenLiteSpeed 1.4 only supports plain text configuration files. OpenLiteSpeed 1.4 automatically converts all configuration files to plain text when a user upgrades to 1.4. Versions below 1.4, though, do not support plain text configurations used with the WebAdmin control panel. Thus, if a user tries OpenLiteSpeed 1.4 but then decides to downgrade back to a lower version, the user will need their configuration files to be converted back to XML.)

Run the command

To recover your XML configuration files after downgrading to a version below 1.4, simply run the command below.


This script moves all the necessary files to the correct locations for versions below OpenLiteSpeed 1.4.