Comparison of Open Source Web Servers

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To help users decide which web server to choose, we offer this comparison of popular open source web servers. If you would like to suggest changes, please feel free to get in touch.

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OpenLiteSpeed Apache nginx
Event-Driven Yes No Yes
Handles Thousands of Connections with Low Memory and CPU Consumption Yes No Yes
Minimal Memory Footprint Yes No Yes
Understands Apache Rewrite Rules Yes Yes No
GUI Interface Yes No No
Real-Time Statistics Yes No No
Free Yes Yes Yes
Control the Number of Worker Processes Yes No Yes
SPDY/2 Yes Yes Yes
SPDY/3 Yes Yes No
SPDY/3.1 Yes No No
Graceful Restart to Apply Server Configurations with No Downtime Yes Yes Yes
Graceful Restart to Apply Software Updates with No Downtime Yes No No
Per-IP Bandwidth and Connection Throttling Yes No No